The Simple Benefits of Clinical Claim Handlers

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CorLife’s unique process gives peace of mind to injured workers.

As you may have heard, CorLife operates with a core philosophy of simplicity. And we stand out in our industry because of how we put this philosophy into practice. At CorLife, each case is managed—from start to finish—by ONE specially-trained clinical claim handler (CCH). This CCH is assigned to a claim from the beginning of the claim and follows it through to the end. They serve as the care and communication hub for each claim.

Each CorLife CCH touches each case file multiple times every day—they manage ALL notes, filing updates and scheduling and they relay information directly to the carrier, instead of requiring the carrier to get information from the home health agency. This streamlined approach ensures consistent, accurate communication, greater efficiency and faster decision making.

Once a case is received from the workers’ compensation insurance carrier, it is assigned to a CorLife internal CCH. The CCH then assigns an Assistive Technology Professional, sends equipment, communicates with the carrier and manufacturing companies, maintains deadlines and oversees logistics for equipment delivery and ordering all the way through to follow-up service.

“We’ve learned that a dedicated CCH gains a unique, in-depth understanding of a case and provides quick, more effective and accurate oversight through the life of the claim,” says CorLife President/CEO Lauren Underhill. “They are also able to thoroughly understand an injured worker’s needs—care, durable medical equipment, supplies, etc.—throughout the worker’s life,” she adds.

This level of expert oversight is possible because all CorLife CCHs begin with a medical background (i.e., certified nursing assistant or other medical qualifications), then undergo an internal education program covering workers’ compensation, injuries, spinal cord injury medical issues and complications related to catastrophic and non-catastrophic claims. They also receive psychosocial training to enable them to effectively deal with the emotions that accompany both new and older injuries.

This dedicated CCH process is the same across all four CorLife companies. While the products and services offered may differ, we feel every case benefits from a CCH with intimate knowledge of the injured worker. The most common complaint in our industry is poor communication, but with our dedicated CCH process, communication is just another way that CorLife companies excel.

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